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May the European Union request Google for better practices toward underage child about moral integrity ?

traduction en anglais de la contribution : « L’Union Européenne peut-elle solliciter Google pour de meilleures pratiques envers les mineurs et leur intégrité morale ? »

In the year 2013, David Cameron asked to the European Commission : E-006977/13
David Cameron demands that Google remove child pornography from the Internet

This proposition was subsequent to the murder of two children in United Kingdom by two men who had viewed pedopornography before killing their victims.

This document is available on the website in English and Portuguese.

The European Commission answered through the voice of Ms Malmström with the following facts :
1) Google is engaged with “CEO coalition to make the Internet a better place for kids” relayed by the EU information link :

2) Google is a member of “European Financial Coalition against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Online”

Then, in year 2021, I ask the following question : Can we categorize the action of putting an underage child to watch a pornographic content over Internet as a decision to sexually abuse of this underage child when :
1) a services provider of multimedia contents guided the child through this service,
2) a search engine guided the child to pornographic content delivered by a services provider proposing multimedia content ?

In case 1, the European directive 2010/13/EU amended by directive (EU) 2018/1808, define the rules to apply.

In the case 2, can we support Google and other search engines to apply best practices as stated in the two above commitments of Google, in order to restrict delivering of pornographic results only to users who are identified by their Google account and with a birth date corresponding at least to the minimum age legally allowing to use such contents (the Google accounts compel to provide this information) ?

I believe this is possible, thanks to th Alphabet Holding, whose motto is “Do the right thing.”, replacing the previous motto of Google, “Don’t be evil.”

03 May 2021
Christophe Roux
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